About Roladin

Roladin is the largest  chain of high quality bakeries and  coffee shops in Israel, comprising of  82 branches throughout the country.

The  manufacturing facility   is situated in Kadima in the Sharon area.


The peak demands for Roladin products are before Holidays where Roladin produce a new range of confectionary that is suitable for the Holidays, the "famous" Roladin doughnuts for Chanuka, range of Hamantashen for Purim , collection of "Kosher for Passover" cakes and more.

Much effort and creativity has been invested in the Roladin coffee  shop menu in combining   the catering and confectionery worlds. The menu, is reviewed   annually .The majority of the items on the menu  are from the bakery. Customers can eat breakfast with a selection of breads ,savory items, sweet  confectionery baked on the premises, sandwiches   from breads backed on the premises etc.

Even today  with 63 branches spread from the north to the south, the high standard that Roladin prides itself in are due to the love of creativity, products that are hand made ,and the pedantry quality in every pastry that comes out of the oven.

Roladin initiates to produce at least 50 new confectionery   products annually, upholding the quality and creativity   unique to the ownership of Roladin.


Roladin started in 1987 as a dream of two brothers Kobi Hakak  and Avi Keinan. Home  made  cakes were prepared  by hand and sold from door to door .In 1989 the two brothers opened a shop in Ramat Hasharon .Their father ,Menashe built the counters and the shelves. Their sister-in-law brought recipes from her mother, Cakes were  made using  a hand mixer. They also collected successful recipes from Aunt's  and neighbors.

As  demand and turnover   increased,  there customer  base  began to expand.

Additional  branches in the centre of the country were opened. The  vast majority of these branches were franchised ,but some of  these remained with the family.

Later Kobi undertook to manage the business himself, while  Avi became the initiator of new creative ideas

Avi  completed   advanced confectionary courses in France and Belgium. Over the years Roladin has established itself as the  highest  quality bakery in Israel that offers   approx..150 different kinds of confectionery  products including cakes, quiches, breads and cakes-all hand made  products baked in  the manufacturing  faciliy